The Frozen Flame

by Symphony of the Damned

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Progressive blackened death doom song.


My eyes have seen
where beauty lies
her breath will dry my tears
her arms will dull my cries

So distant
yet so inviting
towers of ice
ignite my flame

The frigid wind carries her sweet voice to my ears
it echoes my hopes and lays to rest my fears

she waits for me there
atop these pillars of cold
no doors just sheer smooth walls
but her calls have made me bold
but love leaves me with little choice
I must climb, to see her face
snow gathers at my feet
as i prepare for the climb
The wind against me, no matter where i turn
frostbite, her touch against my skin, it burns
clawing into ice, I drag my body on
but my arms are heavy, and my hands grow weak
I fall...

The ground rushes up, I thrash against the cliff
my fingers slip on passing ledges
desperately I try to catch myself again
but I hit the ground and I am shamed
I must try again
So many times, I fall at her feet
This wall mirroring my failure
even as I try to hold off despair
I feel doubt growing in my heart

This pain will pass, but the pain of love will linger
My passion burns, how will I douse this fire?
her arms beckon, with the promise of comfort
her voice soothes, I will break through this wall

Suddenly, this fire inside bursts outward
this snow once chilling now steams with desire
this warmth, this need to feel her close to me
spills forth and my world is flame

The walls of ice, weakened by my need
they crack, this barricade will crumble
glistening stones now fall to earth
I hear a distant scream this fortress becomes her tomb
What have I done? In my need to feel her love
I’ve lost that which I wanted most
My flame, I thought you were salvation
this shadow I’ve cast has darkened my heart

Oh fate, how can this be my reward?
Must I carry this guilt? must I wander this world
My hands covered in blood, this flame has turned so cold
Tears freeze, they burn their marks in my face
a pale reminder of my sin
Oh my love, I have taken the beauty of life
a beauty that I wanted to share

I must find you again
I’ll follow you into death
I deserve nothing less

My redemption lies at the bottom of the abyss
I stare into its depths with hope
if death is the place where I have sent you
Then that is where I must go

I lose myself in my despair and summon the courage to fall
once again
When I awake, the void meets my eyes
in tears I search the bleak horizon

This place of death, this shroud of regret
How could I send you here my love?
I pass husks of life, shadows of their past
Please, I cannot be too late

This place where sorrow sleeps, she deserves it not
my sins have brought us here guilt fills my heart with rot
I search through tortured faces looking for her chill
I catch a glimpse, my heart be still

As I pull her close I whisper to her
“I’m sorry my love, forgive my sins, I just wanted to see you again”
Her eyes grow dark, her mind is gone
Never to know me, but beside me still, is this my eternal pain?
my thoughts dissolve, I’ll join her soon
Never to remember this love that I fought so hard to win

sleep, life
sleep, memory
sleep, love
sleep, pain
sleep, loss
sleep, hope


released September 18, 2015
All written and performed by Mike Liddycoat using Schecter guitars, Eleven Rack, Protools and Andy Sneap Drum samples.



all rights reserved


Symphony of the Damned Hamilton, Ontario

One man progressive blackened doom band living in Hamilton, Ontario.

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